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Felicia's Background
A carpenter would never begin a job or stay in business for very long if all he ever took to work was a hammer. So many folks walk out to the barn with a hammer expecting to build an ark. When you don't have the proper tools, you know it and you can be certain, your horse knows it as well. My Dad was a builder and I used to follow him around the job, hoping I would get to "hammer something".  So many bruised thumbs and bent nails. The more I practiced the better I became.  But, the part that always amazed me the most was how long it took to actually get ready to work.  Seemed like there were about 75 things to do before we actually got started.  Understanding your horse is a lot like that.  You must load your toolbox with all the right tools, then go to work.  It is hard at first, but you'll get the hang of it.    ~Felicia
Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord.
                                            Psalm 27:14
  You've found your confidence and are beginning to believe your goals can be realized. You've mustered your courage and conquered some respect-earning territory. You've honed your techniques on the slippery rock of self-control...and now the fun begins!  
Of all the qualities I look for in a horse, INTEREST is always at the top of my list. No matter how beautiful or structurally correct a horse may be, if his attitude is bitter, dull, or unapproachable, it is like a gold ring in a pig's snout. Cultivating your horse's natural curiosity is the most versatile tool in your toolbox. Let's start with the kitchen sink.
   Felicia Britt began like many of us did; a young girl with a little horse and a big dream.  Her devotion to horses began early and through a lifetime of observation, as well as 20+ years as a trainer and instructor, she has developed a deep understanding of the social structure, natural instincts and quiet communication of horses.  She feels that understanding the mind of the horse is the key to unlocking his will.  Felicia developed B.R.A.I.N. Horsemanship to help others learn to communicate with their horses. Each letter represents a set of tools for ending the frustration and truly understanding your horse .  Although she has garnered much success in the show ring, Felicia's true reward is simply seeing individuals conquer their fear and achieve their personal goals. Whether your interest is going to horse shows, or a backyard superstar, Felicia shares her horsemanship techniques with commonsense explanations and a down-home sense of humor. Her desire is to help others not only teach their horses, but to learn from them as well.
B.R.A.I.N HorsemanshipTraining Philosophy
 Believe in what? You cannot expect your horse to respect your space, willingly yield, or believe in you as a leader if you do not believe it yourself first. I am not talking about you believing in yourself as a world class athlete or mother of the year. I mean believing you are capable of convincing your horse you are worthy of being trusted, when everything in his nature tells him the opposite.
The following is an overview of the philosophy behind Felicia's technique.  Attend a B.R.A.I.N Horsemanship Clinic you will learn the tools of her step-by-step method so you too can communicate with your horse in a way that he understands.
B is for BELIEVE
R is for ROME

   From the legends of Romulus and Remus to the clash with Carthage during the Punic Wars; from the cruelty of Caligula to the reign of Constantine, the Rome that was once a small agricultural village became one of the largest empires in the Ancient World.  Before Attila and his gang, along with some Visigoths and some Vandals sacked the city of Rome herself, this great empire expanded its territory and dominated the Mediterranean for 1200 years.  How was this accomplished?  Leadership, Determination, and Skill.  The Romans knew that power lay with the controller of boundaries and the owners of land.  
So, before I bore you to death with anymore parallels in classical antiquity, take hold of the leadrope and think like a Roman, because it is all about territory.
  When I mention 'aggression', what is the first thing that enters your mind? ANGER. That is typically the association we make. But, I can aggressively go after a job promotion without displaying anger, or aggressively shop for Christmas presents on that big sale day at the mall, devoid of any malice. I can even aggressively consume a Big Mac, large fries and a milkshake in complete and utter happiness. Aggression is not just offensive or invasive.  Aggression, by definition, can also mean confidently and boldly assertive, vigorously energetic, self-assured, positive, competitive or decided.
       A  is for AGGRESSION
   is for INTEREST

It is my hope that you are making progress with your training program, diligently keeping a journal, and adding tools to your toolbox. It is important to know that any measure of success hinges on one thing: BOUNDARIES. These are the lines and limits of expectation you set as herd leader. It is difficult to be viewed as believable, respected, and strong if everything you ask your horse to do is up for discussion; because as herd leader, you NEVER NEGOTIATE.

 You have waited all week and now it is finally here. Saturday. You pull on your boots and head out to the barn for that special time with your horse when you can relax, unwind and renew your soul. But, what begins as a morning filled with anticipation and enthusiasm quickly turns into frustration, disappointment, and that overwhelming feeling of doubt. Every frustration between horse and handler can be attributed to lack of communication. You ask your horse to “whoa”, and he plows over top of you...you get angry, because after all, why would he do that to you, as much as you love him? You yell at him, he laughs at you...you are out of control and he knows it. In five minutes you've given him sixteen reasons NOT to listen to you. So, now what do you do?  First, you must believe.
Does this sound familiar?