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   "I have had several trainers with different training techniques; some we're good, some not so good. Until 4 years ago, I have never had horses, and I have made a lot of mistakes in those 4 years.  No one, before Felicia, taught me how to read what the horses we're saying, so I could take cues from them and make adjustments to better handle them and also to protect myself.  Our horses are totally different now.  We're erasing all the bad issues they've experienced and training our horses to respect us and us them.  I just wish I had come across Felicia at the beginning. But, now she has shown us how, with love and understanding, all that can be fixed.  I am truly blessed to have Felicia as my trainer and hope I catch a little of her talent along the way."

A more confident handler,
 ~Beverly Smith Cavallino Ranch, TX      
Bev & Dorian ~ Cavallino Ranch, TX
Bev & Dorian ~ Cavallino Ranch TX
"It is with much appreciation that I write to thank you, Felicia, for giving your time at the past Feathered Horse Classic shows in Tennessee 2010 and Georgia 2009.  Your mini clinics were well received by everyone and the feedback was impressive.  One person said, ' I learned more in her 45 minute clinic, then I have in the past 6 months of lessons!'  Thanks again for being such a giving person."
  ~ Gail Shrine, Horse Show Manager
  " Anyone who has met Felicia Britt is saying how intuitive she is to horses. Perhaps she is the "horse whisperer"!  Truly, she is connected to and intuned with horses.  She understands their behavior, understands how our very nuances, totally unnoticed by us, can change their behavior.  It is all such basic common sense, but few of us pay attention to or use that common sense.  I have often wanted to have a tape recorder whenever I'm with Felicia - anything to capture her wealth of knowledge!  I look forward to my interactions with Felicia; I recognize the training from Felicia in the young horse I have just purchased.  She makes me a better horse owner, because due to Felicia's training, I now know that every vibe I give off is sensed by my horse.  If only to have Felicia in my back pocket at all times!  Alas, I will just have to pay close attention to her training and put her instruction to good use, knowing that her sound advice will pay off."
~Lee Griffith, VA
Lee Griffith's new filly ~ Khloe
Lee's new horse ~ Khloe
Judith Anne & Sanibel
Judith Anne & Sanibel
"I have had the privilege of watching Felicia work her magic with several  horses -  from ground work to the show ring.  Each venue was an inspiration, because I could truly see love in all of her efforts which has yielded incredible success.Felicia's preparation and attention to detail are unmatched, as is her work ethic.  She artfully, gently persuades a horse to want to partner with her and the result is beautiful.  Training horses is not just a job -  it is her gift to us and our equine friends!"
~Wendy Dean, VA
Wendy & Richard's napping Vanners
Wendy & Richard's Gypsy Vanners
I met Felicia while purchasing my first Gypsy Vanner mare, Sanibel, from Stillwater Farms in Spring 2010. Since Felicia had worked with Sanibel from a yearling in 2007, it was she who provided me all the details about her training. I have never seen such precise and thorough information as what she emailed me prior to the purchase.  Upon bringing Sanibel home, my trainer and I immediately discovered only one problem; she was wonderfully trained, but we were not. Our efforts to continue Sanibel’s training have been supplemented by Felicia’s most gracious, in depth responses to our questions. In many instances, I feel I’m the one being trained; and, in fact, I probably am! Felicia’s training philosophy makes complete sense and, consequently, I am implementing her methods with all the horses at Pegasus Place. My only regret is that she isn’t my “on site” trainer - 24/7.
~ Judith Anne Mitchell, Pegasus Place Gypsy Vanners; 
   Beechgrove, Tennessee
"Just a simple' howdy' and a congrats on the site; it is beautiful!  I hope I can work with you more in the future and thanks for all that you have shared, you are truly AMAZING!  Your zest for life and all that it encompasses has inspired me and many others to take a different approach to what we knew about horses....living, loving, and laughing.  It is you!
~ Christine Fasching, TX