"I met Felicia while purchasing my first mare, Sanibel. Her training philosophy makes complete sense and consequently I am implementing her method with all my horses." Judith Mitchell, FL
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"I wonder if I am doing this right!"


Online Coaching
Online coaching allows you to send me videos of you and your horse, what you are currently working on and where you are stuck. Whether you are handling a weanling, training for weekend trail rides or preparing for competition. Send me the good, the bad and the ugly! We will schedule a Skype session and work it out together. 
There is nothing better than having someone by your side encouraging you when your are doing it correctly and giving you guidance and instruction when you are not. Competition doesn't have to be stressful. Preparation and consistency are key.  Beginners to advanced are welcome. Let's go!
Competition Coaching
I will come to your farm before the show and get you prepared. Or I will meet you at the show grounds and coach you every step of the way. Everything from tack & turnout to ringside grooming and presentation in the show ring. You will learn every single detail about show rules, what the judge is looking for and proper competitor etiquette.  I guarantee you will work hard and learn a lot, but you will laugh a lot, too! Now is the time to start. No fear!


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